Bullying and Its Big Dangers for Children


Bullying and Its Big Dangers for Children


Bullying may lead to potential negative risks, the impact of which varies from one individual to another, and also varies from one age to another.

And usually, children are the most vulnerable to school bullying, especially poor children or those who have certain birth defects or for many other reasons that lead to bullying some against others.

Bullying is associated with many negative consequences for psychological or mental health that may lie in suicide or drug abuse, so it is very important as a matter of parents' responsibility towards their children, to follow up on any source of anxiety that the child may feel, whether at school, on the street or anywhere else, to put a legal end against anyone who tries to bully him or belittle him.

The negative impact of bullying on children extends to many aspects that cannot be counted, up to the negative impact on psychological, physical, and mental health, as well as the impact on social and perhaps religious relationships, and even affect the emotional and emotional aspects of the child subjected to bullying.

Among the negative effects of bullying are feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation, loss of self-confidence, changes in the child's eating or sleeping patterns, and even loss of interest in the daily activities that he used to enjoy doing. All of these are considered negative indicators that indicate that the child is going through difficult circumstances under bullying. Which he is exposed to perhaps on a daily basis, and may continue until adulthood.

Of the indicators or negative effects when your child is exposed to bullying, low educational achievement, low school test scores, and lack of interaction and participation in extracurricular activities may be an indicator in some cases.

All of these negative effects of bullying towards your child may lead to very dangerous behavior, for example, he may think about taking drugs or committing acts of violence to himself or others, or thinking about suicide or harming others, and he may become severely depressed, which becomes prone to developing very difficult and complex mental illnesses. It lasts for many years and all of this will be reflected on the individual, family, family, and society as a whole.

The person who bullies others is usually an alcohol or drug abuser and usually has violent behaviors that may develop by adulthood, and maybe a person with criminal convictions.

With regard to the relationship between bullying and suicide, bullying is one of the hundreds of reasons that lead to suicide or suicidal ideation, especially for children. Better, parents should be fully aware of the events that their child may be exposed to, and they should also make them aware of the danger of exploitation or exposure to fear or bullying and how to act to defend themselves.

Your child needs to get rid of bullying. He will be able to distinguish it, whether with him or with another child. You have to talk with your child comfortably and get close to him more. You have to listen to him frequently, ask about bullying, help your child be more daring and positive in society. If this happens in front of his eyes, he will be dare to criticize the bully. He will help the victim by informing the teachers and showing dissatisfaction with the person who bullied the victim.

Finally, self-defense may be one of the solutions that limit the child’s exposure to bullying, this can be by word or deed, you can enroll your child in a karate teaching course or self-confidence enhancement courses to learn how to defend themselves when they are exposed to situations in which a kind of bullying.

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