Top 10 Green Tea Benefits


Top 10 Green Tea Benefits


Green tea is one of the best healthy drinks and the source of green tea is from the leaves of the Camellia silences shrub, some of which are found in China and others are found in India.
Green tea contains antioxidants and chemical compounds, so it is the least oxidized, and therefore has many benefits.

Here is a list of the most important benefits of green tea:

1- Drinking green tea helps burn body fat

Drinking green tea helps burn fat by improving the blood circulation of the body, which improves the work of the heart and circulatory system, which helps to distribute nutrients to all parts and organs of the body, which prevents their accumulation.

2- Reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease

Green tea can control the level of cholesterol in the blood vessels and reduce the risk of blockage, thus reducing the risk of coronary artery blockages and high blood pressure, and lowering the risk of heart disease and strokes as well.

3- Maintains oral and dental health

Due to the importance of oral and dental health, it is necessary to use green tea because it contains a substance and compound catechin, which in turn protects the mouth and teeth from the danger of harmful bacteria.

4- Fights the flu and improves the immune system

Green tea is characterized by the fact that it consists of antioxidant compounds and thus improves the immune system of the body and works to fight bacteria and viruses. Green tea can be combined with lemon to better protect the body from influenza or any cold that may occur.

5- Green tea helps get rid of dandruff

Green tea is characterized by its compounds that are anti-inflammatory, which protect the scalp and also protect the hair follicles from being clogged with dead or damaged skin residues.

6- Green tea improves skin and hair health

Green tea consists of many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components for the skin and hair. The combination of green tea with lemon for the hair works to stimulate its growth, and honey can also be used as a good assistant moisturizer for the skin.

7- Green tea improves functional brain activity

Green tea improves brain function because it contains caffeine, which improves many things related to the brain, the most important of which is reaction time as well as productivity and an improvement in mood

8- Green tea protects the brain

It has been scientifically proven that green tea helps protect the brain from the risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease, as it works to protect the vectors and neurons in the brain and also helps protect the brain from the risk of cognitive impairment.

9- Green tea protects the skin from the sun

Drinking green tea on a daily basis by a cup or two helps protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the body, and it has been proven in one study that it protects the skin from redness and inflammation that may occur as a result of harmful sunlight.

10 - Green tea helps improve digestion

How to prepare green tea:-
Add to a cup of boiling water tea leaves. Leave it for three minutes and filter, and then drink. You can also add a bag that will be in the form of a medal and put it in the cup, and after one minute, you can drink. It is preferable not to add sugar.
Drinking tea in large quantities leads to digestive problems. Some may suffer from colic or vomiting. Also, too much green tea may cause sleep problems as a result of green tea containing caffeine. Green tea must be taken in a specific amount.

You can drink lemon juice with honey with green tea, as this mixture helps to improve the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

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