Dental Care Methods for Healthy Teeth


Dental Care Methods for Healthy Teeth


Dental care is one of the basic things that you must realize, and the danger lies in not paying attention to dental hygiene and oral care in general, and even if your teeth are beautiful, not paying attention to them or acquiring certain wrong habits may affect their health negatively in the long run. Here are the most important health practices to follow to take care of dental health.

1- Don't go to sleep before you brush your teeth

The main recommendation to maintain healthy teeth is to brush the teeth on a daily basis at least twice a day upon waking up from sleep and most importantly before bedtime because it has accumulated food residues on the teeth and must be cleaned.

2- Use the right toothbrush for your teeth and the correct method of use

Make sure to buy a toothbrush that is suitable for you and your dental health, and you should brush your teeth with it in a quiet and circular manner, away from the wrong use that may lead to early gingivitis.

3- Clean your tongue too

As you know, it is possible for some food residues to accumulate on your tongue, so it is necessary that you clean it gently when you sleep at least once.

4- You must use the appropriate toothpaste that contains fluoride

Choosing the quality of toothpaste is one of the important things that you should pay attention to. Be sure to choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride, because it is the compound or the active substance that contributes to preserving your teeth and protecting them from decay due to the accumulated germs from food residues and bacterial activity.

5- Using dental floss correctly

Many of us use toothpaste and brush only to clean our teeth, but they neglect to clean the spaces between the teeth that are usually permeated with food residues, which contributes to the accumulation of plaque and tooth decay, be sure to clean your teeth once a day through medical dental floss, which may result from using Incorrect dental floss has complications, the most important of which is gingivitis, so it is necessary to use it correctly and gently.

6- Use mouthwash to sterilize the mouth from bad odours

Many of us neglect the benefits of using mouthwash, or they do not know anything about it, but the use of mouthwash works to sterilize and purify the understanding in areas that are difficult to clean through the brush or medical floss, and therefore it contributes to maintaining a good smell of understanding and contributes to the cleanliness and lustre of the teeth, which is It is more suitable for two groups: children and the elderly, through medical supervision by a dentist.

7- Limit sugary foods and chocolate

Sugars and sugary foods turn into acid when chewed in understanding and thus contribute to tooth decay later. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the importance of not eating excessively sugary foods such as sugar-rich chocolate.

8- See your doctor at least twice a year

It is important to do a regular Dental diagnosis periodically at least twice a year to detect dental problems by a specialist doctor before problems such as tooth decay worsen and treat them.

By using a toothbrush, you cannot clean the bottom of the gum. If you use dental floss, you can clean holes between the teeth and the bottom of the teeth. You have to clean the teeth with floss daily, and the string should be 45 cm to hold it. You have to move dental floss smoothly, and you should not clean the gum with it. Take into your consideration, every tooth needs a new string. In addition to a toothbrush and dental floss, we have to use mouthwash that contains fluoride. You have to visit a doctor if you notice bleeding, sore gum and if the gum recedes.

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