How to raise bees in your backyard?


How to raise bees in your backyard?


We all know what are the benefits of honey produced by bees, but we overlook the methods of raising it properly, especially in our own backyard. In this article, we will show you how and how to raise bees in your backyard.

How to raise bees?

To start your beekeeping business, you should buy the Kingdom of Bees with the basic honeycombs.

But if you have a hive with custom tires, you can buy the kingdom of bees with the queen from the beekeeper.

You must make sure that the kingdom that you are going to buy from the beekeeper is disease-free.

Sometimes there is a certain kingdom and a beehive on fruit trees such as palms, and in this case, you need a professional person to pick this hive with its tablets with the queen bee, and then put it in tires dedicated to beekeeping.

Things to consider when starting backyard beekeeping :

1- Choosing the perfect time to start the project

Bees feed on pollen and flowers in abundance in the spring, so the best time to start a backyard beekeeping project is in the spring.

2- Building a dwelling for beekeeping.

Building a dwelling for beekeeping, which consists of some custom wooden frames, can be purchased or designed and built similar to those sold.

3- You must choose the right place to put the bee house in the backyard

The place must contain mainly flowers and flowering plants in general, and there must be a dedicated water pool in the place and it is preferable to put a little sugar in it so that it is not fresh.

Bees love a quiet place, so it is preferable that the breeding be in the quietest place, and not a source of danger such as high tension electricity, or high winds.

How do bees honey?

The main component that bees depend on in the production of honey is flower nectar. The honey production process begins by absorbing the nectar of these flowers through its proboscis, then this bee goes to the beehive and gives this nectar to the worker bees and begins the process of processing this nectar to turn it into honey.

The nectar is transformed into honey by evaporating the water in this nectar. The process of drying this nectar is done by swallowing and vomiting it several times until the water content in it reaches 20%.

During this process, enzymes dedicated to preserving sugar and natural plant oils present in the nectar are also secreted.

The final product of honey is characterized by a strong and viscous texture so that it is stored in the honeycombs that it produces inside the beehive.

The flavor and color of honey vary according to the nature of the flowers and the nectar that bees take.


How do you determine the type of honey?
The type of honey is determined by the food provided to the larva, and these larvae become queens. As for the workers, their food is bee bread and honey.
How do bees feed in the winter?
Bees feed in the winter on honey produced in the summer
How many cell members?
The number of members of the hive is between 30 - 60 thousand bees, and they are in the form of groups
1 Working bees and the nature of their work, caring for children and the queen
2 The guards and protection, and their task is to guard the hive and the queen from other bees and enemies
3 construction workers whose mission is to build the cell to lay honey and eggs

4 Workers collect nectar to feed the cell members


Finally, it is recommended to use an expert from a beekeeper when moving a specific hive from one place to another, also to fix the problems of some diseases that bees may be infected with for various reasons, and the tools dedicated to harvesting honey must be purchased from the smoker designated to calm the bees, as well as the cover designated for the breeder and protective tools the other.

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