How to Earn Money from YouTube


How to Earn Money from YouTube


In this digital world, everyone has a craze to make a YouTube channel to earn money. It is not an illogical or illegal way to grab revenue.
According to research, most YouTube influencers get millions of dollars per year through their channels. For example, a famous YouTube celebrity named Olga Kay has earned approximately $100,000 – $130,000 in a year.
Do you impressed by this heavy amount and have an urge to earn massive revenue through YouTube? Or are you unaware of tactics and potential strategies to put for gaining credit through YouTube?
If any above query has an answer in the affirmative, do not look further because you are on the right page. In this informative article, we will take a deep dive into YouTube earning methods.
So let us get started!

How to Start Earning through YouTube

YouTube is one of the famous social media platforms. Millions of people are earning billions through it. If you wish to begin your YouTube career, look at the below six steps, which help you in this regard.

A. Create a YouTube Channel

Whether you are using Gmail, Google Play, or Google Maps, it is clear that you have your Google account. If you are not using Google, you can easily set up your name, email address, and password. Next, jump on the YouTube account page and create your channel. Finally, give it your brand name. Now, your account has been created.

B. Customize your YouTube Channel

Customization of the channel is crucial for every YouTuber who aims to earn money through this social media platform.
For this, firstly, click on the option of Customize Channel. Then, three tabs (Layout, Branding, and Basic Info) appear in front of you. Now, design and upload your channel icon. After it, write basic information related to your channel.
The pro tip is that don’t forget to incorporate keywords into your channel description to get more views and money.

C. Set Up Google Ads

The first step to making money through youtube is setting up a google ads account or joining a YouTube Partner program.
For getting revenue through the Google AdSense program, YouTube demands 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours in 12 months. After qualifying these conditions, your channel will monetize. Then, YouTube will pay you based on impressions and clicks. Pre-roll and display ads are the most common types of YouTube advertisements.
The thing to keep under consideration is that it does not violate YouTube terms and conditions. Otherwise, you will be ineligible for monetization.

D. Brand Sponsorship

Digital marketing or influencer marketing through YouTube is one of the lucrative kinds of advertisements.
In brand sponsorship, a company hires famous YouTubers to promote their services or products through their video content. For example, Michelle Phan, a popular YouTuber, upload make-up tutorials videos in which she uses the products of Lancôme for its promotion.
Therefore, if you have created your Channel and have heavy traffic on it, you can do influencer marketing very well for grabbing a bundle of credit through YouTube.

E. Fan Funding

Channel membership is one of the easiest ways to monetize a YouTube channel. An owner of a YouTube channel who has 1000 subscribers has the potential to on this monetization feature.
Badges, emojis, unique videos, and live chats consider brand content. Most fans and followers tend to make recurring payments for exchanging brand content. So if you are a videos creator on YouTube, then more followers mean more money.
According to research, Youtubers can earn up to $40,000 per month from their follower support. Furthermore, you can take help from a third party such as Patreon for your channel monetization.

F. Merchandise Sales

In a YouTube account, an option of merchandise exists. After enabling this feature, you can sell up to twelve items.
Jeffree Starr has a YouTube channel. Through it, he sells lipstick, highlighters, and eye shadow palettes to his audience and earns millions of money without any further effort.
The condition of 1000 subscribers and 18 years old is also existed for selling your products or services through YouTube.

Types of YouTube Videos you can make to Earn

Everyone knows that YouTube monetizes the channel by analyzing the states of your videos. Therefore, you should be a solid knowledge of videos to make them attractive. Take a look at the top five videos ideas for your YouTube Channel.

· Photos with VoiceOver

If you have information about interesting facts or specific photos, you can make videos upon it. You can upload these photo-based videos with the help of a voice-over. The pro tip is to spread accurate and authentic knowledge through videos.

· Tutorials

In the dominated era of social media, everyone does not buy courses to learn about several things. Instead, they tend to learn everything from YouTube video tutorials. Therefore, whether you know how to install Windows 11 or do make-up, you can create video content on these topics according to your expertise.

· Reviews

It is a general fact that a person checks reviews about their required things before purchasing them. For this purpose, the trend of reviews videos is at its peak. You can make videos about the review of Uber, Zong 4G, PIA Lahore to Karachi flight, etc. Alongside, share and optimize your videos to get more viewers.

· Time Lapse Videos

In this beautiful world, everyone loves to watch timelapse videos. If you are good at making time-lapse videos, you have many chances to earn a handsome salary through YouTube. The great news is that you can upload this type of video by utilizing photos.

· Lists

Everything is included in the listicle videos, from the top 10 dangerous bridges to the top 5 unique places. On these videos, you can add a voice-over. If you are not interested in voice-over, you can simply put up text upon images.

Summing Up

In summary, we can say that it is not a daunting task to grab money through YouTube because several methods exist for making money through YouTube channels.
In this writing piece, we have described potential warning ways and popular videos types for YouTube. We hope you enjoy the reading and have got benignant knowledge through it.
Now go off, set up a channel, upload videos, and generate huge revenue.

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