How to Make Bread in Healthy Ways


How to Make Bread in Healthy Ways


According to research, approximately 200 million Americans was used one pack of bread in 2020. They take it as a pantry staple. Whether you want to eat jam bread or a sandwich, your efforts will be useless without utilizing bread.
Furthermore, it contains many beneficial nutrients in itself that further provide energy to you. For getting quality bread to get an advantage from its benignant ingredients, you should always choose an excellent baker.
Here the query that takes birth is that can a person prepare it at home? The answer to this confusion is yes, and you can make it in your kitchen.
Are you willing to know the method of bread making? If yes, carry on reading. In this writing piece, you will get your desired information completely.

How to Make Perfect Bread at Home?

No doubt, hundreds of bakeries make bread and sell it to their customers. However, the charm of making bread at home is something excited. The reason is that when you make anything at home, it is pure. In addition, nutritional quality is higher as compared to bakery items. Furthermore, you can add different flavors and topping material with your favorite nuts or fruits instead of relying on readymade bread from a bakery.
Look at the process of making bread and some wonderful tips that play a vital role in the manufacturing of bread on a smaller and larger scale. We assure you that you will be successful in getting the best bread after following the below-mentioned procedure.

Utilize Appropriate Yeast

Fresh, fast-acting dried (also known as ‘easy blend’ or ‘easy bake’ yeast) and active dried are three primary kinds of yeast. First of all, you have to check your recipe to know the best yeast for it. However, easy blend yeast is very famous because most bread machines utilize it. Furthermore, it is the best selection for home baking too.

Store Yeast Properly

After choosing yeast, the next step is to store it in an appropriate place. A dried yeast made before 4 to 5 months will not work, and all your complex works will remain in vain. For this purpose, you can store it in a fridge, but you still use it for 2 to 3 weeks only.

Add a Little Salt

Salt is an essential ingredient of most bread. So you should always use it in a bit of amount. Otherwise, you may face a problem of high blood pressure after eating bread. One more thing is that do not add salt next to yeast because the action of yeast can be inhibited with salt.

Give it Time

For gaining the best results, you require to wait for some time. The reason is that dough requires time to rise. Therefore, during this session, you can accomplish your other remaining tasks. On the other hand, if you have no more time, you can choose soda bread which does not rise.

Try Various Flours

The quality of flour matters a lot for your loaf. Every flour brand has wrapped different characteristics in itself. If you want a higher rise flour, you must prefer Extra-strong or Canadian flours enriched with gluten instead of picking up standard bread flour. In addition, white bread and wholemeal bread are made only these flours.


The amount of yeast, water, and salt decides what type of loaf you will get at the end. Therefore, you should be careful about their quantity. Firstly, only add a very tiny amount of salt to it. Secondly, utilize warm water instead of hot water for the bread-making process. You can test temperature through a clean finger. Another point to notice is that don’t use too much heat because it can kill the yeast.

Add vitamin C

Incorporating vitamin C is a good step for strengthening gluten in the flour and getting a better rise. A tiny pinch boosts the function of rising. You can purchase vitamin C from any shop or pharmacy. If you have not, you can utilize a little lemon or orange juice that is a natural source of vitamin c.

Ensure Dough has elasticity

A hand-made bread requires kneading and shaping according to yourself. For it, make sure that your dough has an excellent elasticity. If it is sticky, leave it for some time. With time, it gains elasticity and gives you better results.

Don’t leave the dough for too Long

No doubt, a better rise happens when you leave the dough for a long time. But this long time is only about 1-1.5 hours long. So if you leave the dough for many hours or a day, your dough will not be good. This is because the dissipation of carbon dioxide comes into existence over time. So the best advice is that leave dough for a reasonable time.

Put in a Cooler Place

If you have more work activities at home and want to leave the dough for some time, you should put it in a cooler place. For example, in summers, you can place it in the fridge. In winter, you can put in a room temperature. Then, warm the dough a little bit before making it a specific shape.


Some loaves of bread are simple. But, on the contrary, some come with particular toppings. If you like to make bread with toppings, you have to repeat the topping process twice. Firstly, add it to the start and then put ingredients at the end too. Now put it in the baking tray or loaf tin.

Summing Up

In conclusion, we can say that making bread is not an arduous task. Every person can do it easily at home. For it, you just keep in mind a particular technique for bread making.
In this writing post, we have described a complete method of making bread at the ease of home. We hope you enjoy reading and have grabbed the most straightforward technique to make bread from this piece of information.
Now it’s time to go and put this technique into practice.

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