Where is the DEAD Sea located!!


Where is the Asphalt Sea located!!


 The asphalt sea was known since ancient times by several and different names, including the Araba sea, the eastern sea, and the depth of the Sadeem. 

It was called Zaghar Lake refers to the Zaghar region located on its southeastern shore.  As for it being called the Sea of ​​Asphalt, that is because pieces of asphalt were floating on its surface due to earthquakes, and traders used to pick up asphalt from its surface for trading, and it was also called the inverted lake. 

In our current era, this sea is considered a tourist destination due to its many therapeutic benefits, as it is frequently visited by tourists for recreation or treatment from all over the world.  This sea contains many important minerals in the manufacture of cosmetics and creams, and its mud is also considered a therapeutic substance.

  The length of this sea is approximately 80 km and its width is up to 15 km. As for its area, it is approximately 946 km².  What distinguishes this sea also is that it is considered one of the lowest places on earth in the world, as it is 400 meters below sea level. This sea is located in Jordan and is now called the Dead Sea due to the lack of marine life in it. The greek who called it dead sea

Hotels & Resorts at the Dead Sea

There is no doubt that any person or family visit somewhere, they need a place to stay. For this purpose, the administration of specific tourist points allows them to live in different hotels, resorts or guest houses built by them. The same criteria apply to dead sea traveler.

Want to enjoy the aesthetic views of the Dead Sea First of all, you should analyze the hotels near the Dead Sea to rejuvenate with a wonderful floating experience and a healthy solarium. For your convenience, we have provided full details below about the top 5 resorts on Jordan beach where you can stay when you go for a walk in the Dead Sea.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

This five-star hotel is suitable for those who want to easily see the sparkling and magnificent sights of the Dead Sea from the high infinity pool. The hotel also provides an exceptional opportunity for tourists to try luxurious session, help rejuvenate your skin on your entire body and help remove any harmful minerals from your body.


Hilton Resort & Spa

From its interior to exterior, Hilton strives to have a unique and exquisite view for its guests. First of all, it consists of a floating sun deck where you can tan before getting a professional spa treatment. If you feel hungry, you can have snacks or drinks from the sky bar.

Apart from that, tourists can sunbathe from its roof, where you can also hear soothing music to give yourself a quiet and serene experience. Hilton rooms also have bathubs with sea views.

Marriott Hotel

Marriott is a brilliant resort with spacious swimming pool and magnificent lounges. It offers a wide range of spa treatments. The advantage of choosing a Marriott Resort is that you can enjoy the sacred waters of the Dead Sea within this resort. If you have a large family, then Marriott have the best suitable room sizes.

 Holiday Inn Resort

The Holiday Inn is the perfect choice for those who like to stay at this wonderful Resort. A set of three warm pools surrounded by palm trees provides a unique floating experience. In addition, a private beach with an excellent spa that offers its visitors a deep relaxing time.

If you want to enjoy the sunset, you can from the infinity pool. After that, you can also enjoy a swim in the Jacuzzi. In addition, Holiday Inn offers free mini-bar in its rooms.

Ma'in Hot Springs Resort

Ma'in includes healing qualities that have an amazing charm for wellness seekers since the era of the Roman Empire, with sweeping mountain views. It has a beautiful view of the landscape.

The rooms and lounges of the Hot Springs Hotel are made of wood. It has king-size beds, where you can rest and enjoy a rich and mouth watering breakfast. Moreover, any tourist can enjoy swimming in the outdoor pool wich as a natural frothy waterfall.


Dead Sea Mud Soap

Whether you are facing a critical case of acne on your face or skin blemishes, Dead Sea Mud seeks an ultimate solution for its users;  The Dead Sea contains millions of minerals in itself, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.  Most of the companies have created the ultimate sea mud soap to quickly treat people's various skin problems.

First, this soap has been prepared with organic materials like organic unrefined shea butter, extra olive oil, sunflower oil, sustainable palm oil and castor oil.  

All these natural properties of Dead Sea Mud Soap make it suitable for every age group, whether you are young or old.

The government encourages businesses to use cruelty-free beauty products to the people. This soap fulfills this requirement. Therefore, most people prefer to buy it.

In addition, the smell of the clay in the soap is attractive; The scent of Lemongrass, Mint and Eucalyptus penetrates to reduce impurities on the outer and inner parts of the skin.  It also eliminates acne within a short period.

The minerals in this soap help in restoring the natural pH of the skin,  cleans deeply and makes the skin more lustrous and luminous.

In the end, the combination of its many properties of Dead Sea Mud Soap makes it unique and popular among people from another bar of soap.


Can you swim in the Dead Sea?

One of the unfortunate things about the Dead Sea is that it seems impossible to swim in it.  However, if you try to swim, the eyes, nose and ears do not tolerate high salinity, this activity should be avoided.  The best part is that the sea due to its saltiness, it forces you to  float, regardless if you know how to swim or not.

Apart from swimming, there are no motorized vehicles, such as boats.  

However, its natural setting invites travelers to visit this site.

 As mentioned before, anyone can float in the Dead Sea without ever putting themselves in danger if you do not know how to swim.  

Some tips are given below for a safe float.

You should not put your head under water while floating.  If you do, your eyes will be extremely irritated due to its saltines and can be very harmful to you.  So avoid it as much as you can.

 You should not shave your legs, arms, or other parts of your body as the saved part will giv eyou a burning sensation.

 In the summer season, it is extremely hot so make sure to have Drinking water to stay hydrated. 

 Depending on the geographic location the dead sea shores are might be rocky or sandy so make sure you have water Shoes or slippers.

 Bathing with fresh and clean water is mandatory after floating in the Dead Sea.  Thus, it is necessary to rinse your body to remove all the salt.


 Dead Sea Scrolls

On the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, some ancient manuscripts on leather, copper, and papyrus were found in 1947. They contain various types of texts in Hebrew.

These are known collectively as the Dead Sea Scrolls. It plays a vital role in teaching Christianity.

These documents were found in approximately eleven caves.  Those documetns covers most aspects of the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem in detail.

Additionally, it analyzes Christian teachings and testifies to a season of creative theological minds.  It is not wrong to say that the Dead Sea Scrolls have a sacred place in the hearts of religious people of Judaism and Christianity.


Why is it called the Dead Sea?

 During the period of the Roman conquest of the region of this sea, they began to call it the "Dead Sea".  The Sea of ​​Death, the Sea of ​​Lots, and the Salty Sea are other names for this sea.        

The name of the Dead Sea comes from its salinity. It also contains many acidic elements and a high level of magnesium.  Because of the high level of salt, there are no aquatic animals and free of all types of aquatic plants.

In short, the Dead Sea is the place where you can spend your vacation with great pleasure with incredible experience of floating on the surface of the water.   


Dead Sea Salt Minerals

 What distinguishes the Dead Sea from the rest of the other oceans  is the mineral composition of these salts, as the following table shows the main ions in the Dead Sea water:


 The main ions in the water of the Dead Sea

 Ion Concentration (mg/L)

 chloride and bromide  230,400

 magnesium  45,900

 Sodium  36,600

 Calcium  17,600

 Potassium from 7800

 The total concentration of Dead Sea salts is about 340 g/L


 What are the benefits of Dead Sea salts and minerals?

 Each Dead Sea salt mineral or salt has skincare benefits:

Chloride: moisturizes and softens the skin, maintains the balance of minerals within the skin cells.

Bromide: calms the skin and treats its problems and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Magnesium: improves cell metabolism, accelerates the healing of skin tissues, softens damaged skin and protects the skin from microorganisms that cause allergic reactions.

Sodium: cleanses the skin, reduces inflammation and muscle stiffness, fights free radicals caused by the breakdown of skin cells, removes dead cells and removes toxins from the skin.

Calcium: Balances lipids, improves skin moisture, promotes cell turnover, prevents wrinkles and fine lines and prevents skin cancer.

Potassium: Provides necessary moisture to the skin, reduces skin puffiness and reduces water retention.

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