How Does a Car Work – All You Need to Know


How Does a Car Work – All You Need to Know


A car might look like a complex setup of mechanical parts and hi-fi technology to us simpletons, but it’s actually not that complicated. Cars are made up of some basic parts, work on a standard principle, use one or two types of fuel, and are all similar to drive.

In this article, we will discuss the basic functioning of a car including parts and mechanics, and everything you ought to know as an owner or a user of a car.

What are Important Car Parts & What Is Their Function?

Parts essential to all the cars include;

  1. Engine
  2. Transmission
  3. Suspension
  4. Brakes
  5. Interior

1- Engine

            It is the heart of a car, which consumes fuel to generate power that rotates the wheels. The engine is made up of different parts that work in harmony to ensure optimal output and smooth functioning

1- Engine block – contains cylinders in which, pistons move during combustion cycle and transfer the power to wheels.

2- Radiator – it contains a coolant that keeps the temperature of the engine at an optimal level.

3- Timing assembly – it consists of a timing belt that regulates the supply of fuel into the engine.


2- Transmission

            Otherwise known as gears, transmission connects the engine to the wheels. There are two basic types of transmissions, a manual and an automatic, with automatic having different subtypes. Transmission and engine are collectively known as powertrains. It’s the transmission that makes your car move in the forward or backward direction by shifting gears and transferring the engine’s power to the wheels.

A manual transmission comes with a clutch that needs to be engaged every time the gear is shifted, while an auto transmission doesn’t need one.

3- Suspension

            Suspension connects the wheels to the car’s body and also acts as a shock absorber. All the cars have a suspension system and it makes sure that your ride is comfortable & traction is rock solid. There are different types of suspensions as well, but they all serve the same purpose – comfort and stability.

4- Brakes

            As the name suggests, brakes ensure that you can bring the car to a stop while driving. Brake assembly consists of rotors, calipers, and brake pads. Once you apply brakes, brake pads engage the discs and decelerate the car quickly before bringing it to a stop. These are essential parts and require regular servicing.

5- Interior

            The interior of a car consists of seats, ignition switch, odometer, steering wheel, infotainment system, gear lever, and controls on the center console. All the functions and operations are controlled from the inside of a car.

How Does a Car Work?

Once you sit inside your and turn on the ignition, fuel from the tank is sent to the engine via a fuel pump. Fuel mixes with air before going into the combustion chamber (cylinder) and once the mixture enters the cylinder, the spark plug ignites it and a power stroke is produced which pushes the piston downwards and generates a force. This force is transferred to the wheels via gears (transmission). Based on the gear you selected (Drive or Reverse), the car moves as you press the accelerator and comes to a halt when you push the brakes. The direction of the car is changed via a steering wheel, mounted right in front of the driver.

How to Keep your Car in Perfect Shape – Maintenance & Servicing

There’s much more to owning a car than just filling it up and driving around. To enjoy a premium ownership experience, you ought to keep your car well maintained and in perfect shape.

Maintaining a car is not simple, but there’s no rocket science as well. In this article, we will discuss what’s all included in car maintenance and how you can keep your car in pristine condition by following a few simple protocols.

1- Know your vehicle

You can’t take care of your car if you do not bond with it. Know your car by going through the car’s owners’ manual to learn about the maintenance schedule, checkup and replacement of important components, lubricant types and grades, warning signs on cluster gauges, and proper usage of the vehicle.

2- Stick to Official Maintenance Schedule

The manufacturer has devised a servicing schedule that’s best suited for your car. They have expert technicians and the latest equipment to look after your car and it is best that you take your car to an authorized dealership for regular maintenance to keep it running like new.

3- Replace Lubricants & Oils on Time

Whether it’s the engine oil, brake fluid, or transmission oil, make sure that you change them at regular intervals to keep the components in healthy condition and avoid any damage.

            1- Engine oil: 10,000 miles

            2- Transmission oil: 40,000 miles

            3- Brake fluid: 30,000 miles

4-Replace the Filters Regularly

A car has different filters to make sure that air and oils remain clean during functioning and don’t choke. This ensures longevity and enhanced performance of your car, so be regular about replacing all the filters.

            1- Air and oil filters: 10,000 miles

            2- Fuel filter: 25,000 miles

            3- Cabin filter: 15,000 miles

5-Check Tire Pressure and Treads

Keeping an ideal tire pressure is important for various things, such as proper traction on road, ride quality and suspension, and fuel economy. Get yourself a portable tire pressure gauge and measure it according to manufacturer’s guidelines every week, and before long journeys. It is also advisable to keep a tire inflator kit and repair fluid in your trunk, for a rainy day.

Checking the treads tell you if the tires are worn-out or not. Old and worn-out tires are dangerous as they are can get flat and lose traction easily. Immediately replace your tires if indicated.

6- Get the Brakes Serviced Regularly

Running a car perfectly would be pointless if it doesn’t stop normally and puts your life in danger. Make sure that the brakes are in immaculate condition, by getting them serviced regularly. This includes replacing the brake fluid, brake pads and getting the rotors & calipers serviced.

            1- Brake pads replacement: 20,000 miles

            2- Brake Service: 15,000 miles

6- Detailing

Apart from routine wash and wax, regularly get your car detailed or do it yourself. Wash the undercarriage areas, suspension area, detail the engine bay, and clean the trunk properly. Properly clean the interior of your car and get rid of all the swirls, marks, and dirty sports.

7- Important Maintenance Points

  1. Ensure tire rotation regularly, along with wheel balancing and alignment.
  2. Check all the switches, like power windows, air-con, wipers, and steering wheel controls.
  3. Get the nuts and bolts tightened with a torque wrench.
  4. Replace windshield wiper blades regularly.
  5. Get the catalytic converter serviced, timing belt adjusted, and spark plugs replaced on time.
  6. Never skip the scheduled maintenance. use a smartphone app or keep a logbook.

How to Find a Reliable Car – A Comprehensive Car Buying Guide

Buying a car could be very challenging nowadays, especially with soaring prices, and high demands due to clogged supply chains. Most of the dealers & brokers use deceitful tactics to sell you their cars and private deals over the internet, or in-person can be too risky. So how can you find a reliable car that would not break down often, and that too within your budget?

Let’s uncover car buying in detail and what you should do while shopping for a used car to make sure that you get the best deal.

How Can I Get a Reliable Used Car?

There are many facets to buying a car, and it’s not just going to have a look and signing the Cheque. From looking at the right place to getting a thorough inspection, buying a used car can be very daunting, so let us make it simple for you.

1- Make up Your Mind First

There are too many types and models of cars out there, and you don’t want to get entangled in the mesh of confusion. To avoid any hassle or time wastage, decide which make and model you want to get and define a budget for yourself. 

2- Looking in the Right Place

You can get used cars from a variety of places, such as online forums, eBay, private dealers, or sellers. Though every place has its own pros and cons, the best place to look for a reliable used car is the company dealership. Most automakers have a section called “certified pre-owned” vehicles. These are used cars that are inspected by factory technicians and sold by the dealership with a limited warranty and a thorough inspection report. Although pricier than other options, the extra bucks get you peace of mind as well.

3- Things to Check & Ensure Before Finalizing the Deal

Used cars can be a great option, as they’re cheaper to buy and get insured, but a bad car can also make life hell for you. So make a list of things before buying a used car and ensure that you tick all the boxes before paying up.

  1. Get the car thoroughly checked by a third-party inspection team, as they are experts and use the latest equipment to check the car at 200+ points.
  2. Check the maintenance history and make sure that all the intervals had been completed.
  3. Get a CARFAX report to know about the car’s history.
  4. Check ownership record, as cars owned by multiple people are not reliable and are usually rentals.
  5. Check the body panels and undercarriage area for any damages or rust.
  6. Take a test drive and also get an unbiased opinion from a third person.
  7. Make sure that the registration and paperwork are intact & legal.
  8. Ensure that all the taxes and insurance have been paid for.

4- Dealing and Post-Purchase Obligation

After finalizing the deal, make sure you pay via a secure payment medium and save all the receipts. Immediately after buying the car, get it transferred to your name, extend the insurance, and for your own satisfaction, get all the lubricants & filters changed. Getting your car detailed would also give it a perfect new shine.

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