Happiness In Music


Happiness In Music 

Music has been used as a treatment for many psychological and organic diseases since ancient times, and the philosopher (Caspo Doros) described it as (the queen of feeling, and in the current era of the pioneers in the use of music in psychotherapy (Lang Lodek) German and (Jost) French 
It is now used in orthopedic clinics and before and during surgeries, as it has been proven to regulate breathing and blood circulation 
The ability of music in treating anxiety, tension, frustration and relieving pain is something that has become known, but it has reached more and more than that, which is the treatment of sexual problems because the main factor that causes sexual failure is the fear of failure in its practice, and perhaps continuous self-reflection is the umbrella that prevents any contact with the other party 
Here, music can play a positive role in behavioral therapy, provided it is appropriate, as it becomes the only means of communication after the verbal and sexual contact between the two parties has ceased. 
The human being is sensitive to music, as it is able to raise or lower the mood. The researcher (Gravel) tried to make a list of musical pieces that suit each personality in terms of the level of education and the special problems facing the person from a sexual point of view. Music affects the sexual encounter on two levels: 
1- Emotion, an activity that restores wakefulness in response to disturbances due to fear of failure or reality, a vacuum of intellectual communication. 
2- Physiological: Music helps control bodily responses 
Music was divided into different types of therapy, and they were as follows: 
Background Music 
hobo: star of the sky  
Zemfir: romantic flute  https://youtu.be/orL-w2QBiN8
Raphael: An Elegy for a Kind Princess  https://youtu.be/T9GrmokeHPY
Handbook: Scottish Fiction  https://youtu.be/BR-csWS1bcM
  Mood music  
Beethoven: Fifth Piano Concerto 
Jacques Dvor: Eighth Symphony of Slavic Dances  https://youtu.be/WIywT8fKVZA
Mozart: Symphony 35  

Mendelssohn: Fourth Symphony    https://youtu.be/_HX_jF1_Tgc

Stress relief music  
Beethoven Sixth Symphony   
Greg: Sweet Hollerge            
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons    https://youtu.be/GRxofEmo3HA

witness peace be upon you Mary   https://youtu.be/EeSutLAiOKw

Massenet: Meditation piece            https://youtu.be/8wXuSnFmbWU

 Schumann: dreams 

Root: You are the ocean Music of purity and clarity

Handel: Music of Water

Weber: Oberon Editorial

 Bach: Concert Two (Brandenburg).

Corelli: Baroque Music for Strings


Here we must recall what the philosopher Plato said:
 Music is a moral law that gives spirit to the universe and makes the mind wings to fly to gain magic, imagination and joy for everything in life.
 Music is a sound movement to reach the soul to learn virtu

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