Human and cats

Cats are the animals closest to humans by being pet, cute and innocent, as they have several characteristics, including:
1- It is smart.
2- She has a strong sense of hearing
3- She has sharp-eyed, which enables her to see at night.
It is said that cats are a symbol of affection and caress, and their presence in the home is evidence of goodness and blessing.

  • Among the ways cats show their love for their owner is the following:
    1- Do not think if your cat touched your lips, it will be by chance, but rather she knows how to show her love for you.
    2- Rubbing her head on you is not an invitation to fight but a sign of affection.
    3- Sometimes, you get a free massage from your cat because she loves you.
    4- Cats also understand the meaning of (follow me) and are good at doing it.
    5- She comes running to you when she hears the phrase (I am at home) because she is hungry, but she also misses you.
    6- She allows you to rub her stomach, and this is because she loves you and feels safe with you.
    7- Enjoy sleeping on your clothes.
    8- Your cat sleeps in your arms because you are her great pillow and dear friend, an expression of her love for you.
    9- Licking the hand owner means thanks, gratitude, and love for him.
    10- It may hurt you her bite, but it is a way to show her love for you.
    11- When you use anything that distracts you from it, it prevents you from using it, for example, when you are busy with a computer or use the phone for a long time, so it draws your attention that it is there because it loves you and yearns for your attention.

The relationship between humans and cats is a relationship of affection and mercy. God has recommended it for good and blessings.

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