How to Make Money from Instagram


Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone approximately uses it. The latest Instagram statistics show that it has an audience of 1.704 billion users worldwide. 

Some want to become an Instagrammer to connect with other people. Others want to watch favorite videos or photos on this social handle. 

Here the exciting news is that you can also make money through Instagram. Your earning can cross billion dollars per year if you adopt some proper techniques to grab money from it. For endeavor motivation to become an Instagram influencer, we have an example for you. 

Kylie Jenner is a famous Instagram influencer and charges over one million dollars for a single post. Does it sound great, and are you excited to learn about Instagram earning tactics? Do not worry. Carry on reading because we will tell you everything about this trending earning method.

Top 7 Ways to Earn through Instagram 

No doubt, in this technological world, everyone has sound knowledge about how to create an Instagram account. However, if you have some confusion, you can type your query on Google and find a way of Instagram account Creation. 

After making an account on this social media handle, the next step is to follow the right path to earn from it. For helping you in this situation, the top seven potential strategies to earn through Instagram are presented below. 

  1. Promotion of Affiliate Links 

Affiliate marketing is an excellent skill for earning money that you can utilize on Instagram. First of all, you have to explore some high-paying affiliate programs. Then add their links into either in your stories, posts, videos. So when sales generate through your described links, you will receive a commission amount that you agreed with them. 

In addition, you have to create engaging posts that attract customers' attention, and they immediately agree to buy your recommended products or services. Furthermore, you must add catchy captions and productive tags to gain more clients. 

  1. Become a Brand Ambassador 

Most brands do not want temporary promotion services. Therefore, they need Instagram Influencers to make them brand ambassadors. Ambassadors’ task is to publish regular posts related to a particular company or a brand. 

Jay Alvarrez is a famous lifestyle blogger with six million community members. Most brands want to hire him because of his heavy follower list. He earns a lot by posting photos and videos for specific brands. 

If you have great followers and your posts get massive engagements on Instagram, you can offer these services to your clients. As a result, they will pay you money. 

  1. Sell Virtual Products 

Photos and videos are popular forms of media. Instagram gives a lot of attention to both forms of virtual products. For this purpose, you have to add perfect videos or pictures captured by yourself to your Instagram account. 

Poster photos, drawings, paintings, animations, and other video-based virtual products contain aesthetic visuals and have a fair chance to make more sales on Instagram.

You just need to have a high-quality camera for taking photos or shooting videos. After it, edit it through photoshop or any other editing apps. Try to keep your content original and creative. Then add relevant hashtags. With time, your audience and engagement rates will grow, and you will be eligible for earning through this social media channel. 

  1. Sell Physical Products 

Aside from virtual products, you can also make money by selling physical products. It does not matter if you do not have a physical store; you can create a business page and run your shop digitally throughInstagram. 

Your photography and editing skills matter a lot for getting money through selling physical products. You just need to add high-quality photos or videos of your products such as bags, makeup, etc. Then, upload on Instagram. When anyone sees them and is interested in buying, he’ll contact you. 

  1. Make Instagram Stories Filters and Masks 

In 2016, the feature of Instagram stories was launched by it. It is very similar to Snapchat, and over 500 million people have been using it. No doubt, it is available for a minimum time. However, it gives different companies or entrepreneurs excellent opportunities to promote themselves.

Making filters and masks for Instagram stories is one of the best methods to earn. If you are a creative graphic designer, you can create AR Filters for Instagram stories with the help of Spark AR Studio. After creation, you can do marketing and make money by buying these masks and filters. 

  1. Write Captions 

It is a wrong saying that only big businesses promote themselves on Instagram. Every large to small business tends to invest in social media marketing, especially on Instagram in this evolving world. They need creative writers who can write killer captions for them. 

If you can write catchy captions, you can offer these services to different brands. For grabbing more customers to buy your provided service, you need to make a portfolio on Instagram. You can publish some creative captions on your account. If any brand likes your writing style, it may hire you for full-time or part-time work as a caption writer. 

  1. Explore Freelance Clients 

The trend of freelancing is at its peak these days. Everyone wants to earn money through various freelancing platforms, including Upwork,, Fiverr, 

It is also an admitted fact that freelancers can grab customers on these platforms. However, if you have an Instagram account, you can also find potential clients. The benefit of exploring clients on Instagram is that you do not need to give extra tax to freelancing websites. You can receive direct payments from them. 

Summing Up 

In conclusion, we can say that Instagram is a straightforward way to make money in this modern era. So anyone can avail this social media handle as an earning source. 

We have described the top seven ways to make money through Instagram in this writing piece. We hope you understand every method. Now you can follow any of the strategies mentioned earlier to enhance your revenue. 


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