How to write Unique Articles?


How to write Unique Articles?


In this digital world, content writing is a trendy skill. Article writing is one of the categories of this writing assignment. Therefore, most companies tend to hire multiple article writers to accomplish their daily tasks.
Undoubtedly, the internet is a great way to get information about a particular topic. A bundle of articles is present about health, travel, entertainment, or finance topics.
But if you want to start your own blog or write an article for your clients, you must know how to write unique articles.
Are you worried and not know to write unique content for blog posts? Do not worry anymore because, in this writing piece, we’ll present the top 7 tips about writing strategies in a unique way.

  1. Pick a Specific Niche

Choosing a specific niche is a crucial step to writing high-quality articles. For this purpose, you need to keep in mind several factors.
For example, first of all, search different niches in demand these days. Names of some trending niches are given below.


Lifestyle Influencers

Food and Recipes

Making Online Money


You can select any niches from the list mentioned above. In addition, you can search some other niches through different search engines. After grabbing a list of niches, you should choose which you are interested in.
After fulfilling both of the above conditions, you should focus strictly on your decision. Then, you can jump on the next step that is competitive analysis.

  1. Analyze your Competitors

Before creating engaging content for a blog of any niche, you must closely analyze your competitors. It is the first way to write interesting content in demand in the market.
First of all, you can read their blog posts or articles on their websites or social media pages. They can give you a better idea about their writing styles and topics. Secondly, you must look at the audience's reaction in the comment box against a particular post.
This social media measurement technique paves a way to hone your content marketing strategy, and you can excel in blogging.

  1. Start Brainstorming

A unique article requires brainstorming before its writing. You cannot write a top-notch article without using brainstorming techniques. Some of the brainstorming techniques are presented below to give you an idea.

Think about Problem Solving

Free Writing

Think like Readers



Aside from the above series of suggestions, it will help determine a time during writing. Furthermore, do not judge your ideas at this initial stage. You have to write everything in your mind regarding a particular topic.

  1. Research on Internet

After brainstorming, the next phase is to research the internet very efficiently. It is necessary to write appealing content.
For example, if you are going to write an article, you can add facts and figures to make it great. For getting these statistics, you can go to many websites that provide this kind of data. If the blog post's subject is straightforward, you can just read and write down important points.
The pro tip is not to forget to combine points that you write after applying brainstorming techniques and this internet surfing tactic.

  1. Prepare a Draft

After following the above four steps, the following point is that you have to prepare a tightened draft for your unique article.
In this phase, you have to make a perfect outline for your article. The essential and indispensable parts of a writing piece known as a blog post are listed below.



Body paragraphs


In addition, you should create some catchy headlines and subheadings under these points to attract readers' attention. Then, fill up all headlines with unique content that you should write in your own words.

  1. Make it Specific

It is one of the identical steps to writing unique articles. It actually decides about your article tone, writing style, etc.
For this, you should make your draft more clear. For instance, you have to read aloud your writing piece. Make sure your article tone is friendly and conversational. If you feel any confusion in your written blog post, you can further explain it.
In addition, you can eliminate this confusing part. After it, you can ask your friend to read your article and get suggestions from your team members.

  1. Use Tools to make your Writing Great

No doubt, we are humans and have a pretty fair chance to commit mistakes such as grammatical errors. Even sometimes, our friends or colleagues fail to judge these errors. You can utilize some of the below tools to make your article top-notch.

Grammarly: It is an easy-to-use tool with artificial Technology

Ginger Online: Proofread your Content Smartly and Fast

ProWritingAid: Premium grammar checker tool for bloggers or writers

Outwrite: Make your writing style clear

Hemingway App: It makes your writing style bold and clear

ScribensPowerful: One of the best English grammar checker

Slick Write: Powerful tool for making writing better

NOUNPLUS: A Simple spelling and grammar checker tool

In addition, when you complete your article writing, editing, and proofreading, you can check its plagiarism too. Some names of the plagiarism checker app are also given below.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly CopyScape

Dupli Checker



If your article plagiarism score is below five percent or 0 percent, your article is good. Next, you can now publish these written blog posts to your website or send them to your clients.

Summing Up

In conclusion, writing a unique article is not a difficult task. Whether you want to write blog posts in English, Tamil, Urdu, or any other language, you can follow the above guidelines.
In this informative article, we have described how to write a unique article. We hope you enjoy reading and have grabbed benignant knowledge from this writing piece.
Now go off and start to write your first unique article.

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